"So, where did the name 'Kickstand Events' come from?"

When first entering the scene in 2010, our youthful passion for event design, planning, and coordination was something that we wanted to evoke in a unique and memorable brand. The timeless, dependable, yet playful, symbol of the bicycle resonated with the our vision and embodies our mission to help our clients navigate the path to their special event. The bicycle represents motion towards a goal to get from one destination to another and is comprised of many simple yet important parts; one of them being the helpful modesty of the kickstand.

The kickstand offers the bicycle veiled and humble stability- the kind of prop that is needed to allow the bicycle to successfully function and end at the destination with the support it needs… a lot like the experience that we strive to provide for each of our Kickstand Events clients. 

The ultimate goal and mission for our client experience is this: To showcase your style and priorities, while elevating your design ideas, enjoying the planning process, and supporting the goals that make the event uniquely yours. We can't wait to learn more about your event!