What’s unique about Kickstand?

The experience with Kickstand Events is unlike any other in the southeast region. Our collaboration process is unique, allowing you to benefit from the creative and polished designs produced by Courtney Stone, and the organized, logistical savvy that Sally Lindroos perfects to achieve a flawless wedding day.

Our expertise, relationship with vendors, and fun-loving approach allows for this process to be an enjoyable one! We invest in each of our client’s relationship story, planning needs, and overall style, in an effort to create the event that you’ve always wanted to share with your family and friends. 

Instead of stressing about how to achieve an impactful design, how to answer all of your vendor’s questions, or how to organize the finite details of your wedding day timeline, you can daydream your big day with a glass of wine in hand and family, friends nearby. Allow us to take it from there. Together, we offer our clients the peace of mind that comes from a cohesive design and planning process so that you truly get to enjoy the best day of your life!