How We Work

we collaborate our planning and design efforts to ensure that your wedding day is flawlessly executed.

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Planning & Logistics

The logistic planning we perfect for your wedding is an integral part of the stress-free memories made. We take generous consideration of your priorities, your family’s wishes, & your vendors’ requests, to be sure the collaborative plans set forth are executed flawlessly. We take great pride in solving any problems or issues that may arise with grace & positivity, so that you and your family can relax and enjoy the moments and memories that this entire process is really about!


Design & Flowers

Modern to traditional, eclectic to refined, we love to hear what gives you “heart eyes” and bring those elements into your wedding. Creating an environment that feels like “you two” is something which we consider the essence of the wedding design. The look on your face when you walk down the aisle or enter your reception for the first time is what we strive for - pure joy and excitement. We source the elements (both big and small) and handle all of the installation so that your family & friends can relax and enjoy your company on the most important day.

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Execution & Standards

Your wedding day is one of the biggest memories you and your family will share in a lifetime. Executing your wedding is met with a set of high-end standards which we implement into every moment of your event. the way that your timeline is prepared—the way your vendors enjoy working with us— the way that your sweet grandmother is seated during the ceremony— even the manner in which your bouquet is tied— is of utmost important to us. We set ourselves apart through the level of customer service that is given to every guest, family member, friend, and vendor to ensure that the coordination of your event is positive and perfectly achieved.